Launched in 2020, MadeinUSA is a digital catalog created for a strong purpose, a place for Torque Wrench Enthuasists and people to finally understand why they need this wonderful tool.

Stewart has been using Torque Wrenches and different tools since he was a kid, and even worked as a mechanic in his 20s.

Researching and finding top products focused around Torque wrenches that are MadeinUSA and writing unbiased reviews for our valuable readers.

As stated above, MadeinUSA is a website by and for those who just love American tools.

It’s a realm where you can find information about your troubles in the garage, and what we would use to fix them, as long as it’s made in America.

High quality isn’t something that we take lightly at MadeinUSA.

We want you to feel confident in our expertise around tools and torque wrenches.

Basically, Stewart does a ton of research on different Torque Wrenches every single day.

One day sat down and thought “What if I shared this research with the world”.

This website is a testimony to those thoughts and actions.

Stewart Kaplan