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How to keep an Umbrella From Flipping Inside Out (Easy Trick)

Umbrellas have become useful for so many situations. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on a patio, enjoying a beautiful day at the beach or just trying to hide away from the rain – you need your umbrella to stay upright.

There is nothing more embarrassing than your umbrella flipping inside out.

How to Keep an umbrella From Flipping Inside Out?

To Keep an Umbrella from flipping inside out, point the top of the Umbrella towards the direction the wind is coming from. If the umbrella is mounted, you will need to set up wind stabilizers before the heavy wind starts.

The dynamics of your umbrella are truly fascinating, and creating a scenario where your umbrella will not get flipped inside out can save you a ton of embarrassment.

More information on how to keep an umbrella from flipping inside out and general umbrella questions is below.

How to Keep an Umbrella From Flipping Inside Out?

Purchasing the right high quality made in USA umbrella is one of the hardest things to do right now.

That is why we spent time writing out Made in America Umbrella, our guide on purchasing the right Made in USA umbrella that fits your preferences.

Scenario Table

Umbrella Type Situation Response
Patio Rain/Heavy Wind Wind Stabilizer (before wind)
Personal Rain/Heavy Wind Point umbrella Towards the direction the wind is coming from
Beach Rain/Heavy Wind Wind Stabilizer (before wind)

Why Does My Umbrella Flip Inside Out?

Your umbrella flips inside out usually because you have allowed wind to get under it and overpower the structure.

This flips the umbrella inside out and locks it in this position.

This usually occurs during heavy winds.

The easiest way to avoid this is to either purchase a higher quality umbrella that is flip resistant, shelter inside during heavy weather or point your umbrella towards the wind.

This doesn’t fix all situations, sometimes your umbrella will either be mounted or too big to point towards the wind.

This situation is usually seen at the beach or in outside dining areas, where the sizing of the umbrellas is usually pretty big.

In scenarios like this you’ll want to use a wind stabilizer

How to Keep an Umbrella From Flipping Inside Out

How to use a wind stabilizer

To use a wind stabilizer you first need to make sure you are using the right type of umbrella. Personal umbrella’s (the one’s usually used for intense rain storms when you are on the go) will not be able to take advantage of a wind stabilizer as the distance from each side on these umbrellas is too small.

Set up Umbrella

To fully utilize a wind stabilizer, your umbrella has to be set up. This means making sure your umbrella is standing up straight, and the mount is firmly positioned.

Do not focus so much on setting up your wind stabilizer that you accidently leave your umbrella unmounted.

The only thing worse than an umbrella that flips inside out is an umbrella that blows away.

Set up Wind Stabilizer

To set up your wind stabilizer, you’ll need to find a place on one side of the umbrella that has a piece of metal that you can hook onto.

Once this hook is in place, make sure you stretch the other side of the wind stabilizer to the other side of the umbrella, along the inner rim.

If there is some tension in the wind stabilizer, quickly hook it onto a piece of the umbrella

Whenever the wind blows, the two sides of your wind stabilizer will actually hold the umbrella down, making it impossible for your umbrella to flip inside out.

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How Windy is Too Windy For An Umbrella?


Most patio umbrellas naturally can sustain winds upwards of 20 mph, but personal umbrellas will have trouble with winds in the 10-15mph range.

If you are using wind stabilizers and the pointing umbrella trick, outside of hurricanes and tornadoes, there is no point where it is too windy for an umbrella.

The quality of the type of umbrella that you purchase has a lot to say about when it becomes too windy for your umbrella.

That is why we spent time writing out Made in USA Umbrella, our guide on purchasing the right Made in America umbrella that fits your unique weather conditions.


made in usa girl in the rain with her umbrella

How Do You Get An Umbrella To Stay In Base?

There is nothing more annoying than an umbrella that is rotating or spinning around.

We will be sitting out on the patio, and the umbrella will start to wobble or rotate within it’s base. When this happens, it basically ruins the whole night for us.

We’ve found some really cool tricks that have completely eliminated our umbrellas from spinning randomly.

To keep an umbrella in it’s base, you will need to put something inside the clamp at the bottom to increase the tightness of the clamp.

For example, if your umbrella is spinning, your clamp at the bottom is not tight enough.

Sometimes, due to design – it’s impossible to get this to be as tight as you need.

Sliding something like a popsicle in-between the clamp and the umbrella will increase the tightness just enough that your umbrella will stay in the base and not wobble/rotate around.


made in usa windy days at beach

How do you weight a patio umbrella?

To weight your patio umbrella, you need to put something heavy like a bag of sand on top of it to keep it down.

This can be done in a couple of ways, depending on how much money you’re interested in spending.

If you just want your umbrella to stay stationary, think about grabbing something heavy from around the house that you can place on top of the stand.

This should keep it from moving when there is high wind, if it keeps removing from the base.

We like to use bags of sand or concrete that are in the backyard, doesn’t look the best – but get’s the job done.

Another option that looks slightly better, is to use something like a Gravipod.

These have a cleaner look, and usually end up looking like they are a part of the umbrella.

Piling on sand or bags of sand onto the umbrella base does sometimes look a bit tacky.

Final Thoughts

Umbrellas can create some of the best environments even in tough conditions.

When it’s raining, there is nothing more we want than to stay dry.

When it’s sunny, there is nothing more we want than some shade.

Hopefully, now that we’ve dug deep into How to keep an umbrella from flipping inside out, you’ve found some tips that can help you enjoy your sunny days  – or save you from a rainy one.


Umbrella Turned Inside Out How To Fix?

The quickest way to fix an Umbrella Turned Inside Out is to point the umbrella into the wind and quickly pull down on the outer edges.

This increases your chances of getting the umbrella back as you are using the wind as an aid.

Many people will try to retract the umbrella from the lever, do not do this as the tension will be way too high with the umbrella flipped inside out.

Best Patio Umbrella For Wind

The best patio Umbrella for wind is by Holtzkraft who makes all of their umbrellas in the USA! This model, the #WP702 Model is perfect for any patio due to the neutral colors and beautiful design. I also love how low the edges go!

How To Hold Umbrella In Wind

To correctly hold an umbrella in wind, you will want to point the umbrella towards the wind, as this will decrease your chances of the umbrella flipping inside out.

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