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An Easy Answer: How would you describe America?

America is a melting pot of success. With so many backgrounds and interests, it becomes quite hard to put into words what America truly is. I’ve been thinking about this one a lot lately, and trying to put it into words has been quite difficult.

How would you describe America?

America is described as a place of competition, freedom, diversity and love. I’d describe America as the greatest country in the world.

More information about America and a deep dive into Identify, Culture and Society is below.

How would you describe America?

A Comprehensive Guide to Identity, Culture, and Society

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Introduction: How would you describe America?

America is a diverse nation with people from different cultures, races and religions. It is one of the few countries that was founded on an idea, rather than geography and ethnicity. America has struggled with its identity – but it has always been a place where people came to escape their past and start anew.

The United States of America is a large country in North America, often referred to as the “USA,” the “U.S.,” or simply “America.” The USA also includes several territories in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. It borders both Canada and Mexico, by land and by sea. The United States has played a decisive role in global affairs throughout its history, including in World War II.

“It is America’s destiny to go beyond our borders as this seems to be an era where globalization dominates.”

Throughout the world, Americans are regarded as a force for good. American emissaries are often seen as the people who bring peace and democracy.

In 1945, Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius Jr., said:

“The moral leadership of America is needed to counteract the materialistic ideologies, which would otherwise dominate the world.” This alludes to how Americans view themselves– they want to be leaders of moral integrity in the world, and that’s why America has been actively involved with other nations in order to promote peace and democracy

American Identity

American identity has been evolving over the years, but it has not been until recently that this topic has been discussed more.

Normally, we would consider the flag to be what represents the identity of America.

But in reality, the people who make up America’s population are the ones that truly relate universal characteristics of America

America is a place where anybody can succeed, everybody is given a social chance to do so.

By nature, Americans are hard-working and will always give their best when the need arises. Other attributes that exemplify this identity are its diversity and a common sense of responsibility

The phrase “I can’t” has long been banished from the American vocabulary. Americans know that adversity and perseverance are both the allies of opportunity and the essence of the American character.

The American culture has always been one of blessings and opportunities, a promise that there will be a place for everyone who is willing to work hard.

We can go back to the beginning of our country’s history for examples of Americans going above and beyond the call when it appeared necessary.

From the pilgrim fathers establishing their settlements through clearing trees and tilling land, to pioneers blazing roads through forest wildernesses, to prairie farmers literally lifting up their whole community in defiance of drought and relentless blizzards;

America is toil that feeds opportunity.

There are millions of stories in America – Most of them are about over coming adversity.

In American culture, people are encouraged to overcome adversity and to share their stories of overcoming challenge, trauma, or loss.

Overcoming adversity starts with individuals willing to confront, heal and reconcile themselves with their experiences.

What is “overcoming adversity”

Living through trauma humans often feel that they are lost with no light at the end of the tunnel.

This feeling can lead an individual to close themselves off from the world and experience feelings of harm, powerlessness and rejection.

Closely related feelings for some may also be blame on other people or blaming themselves; feeling like their life has been ruined etc. or any other patterns that result in a sense of wanting something else all while they get stuck in the painful memories they had at first move on from.

Eventually this feeling could lead an individual to quit.

America revives this spirit, making you feel like you’re never counted out.

The American Dream is the belief that you can conquer whatever you set your mind to and if you work hard, there will always be a chance.

There are possibilities everywhere. For Everyone.

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American Culture

American culture – none of which are addressed in the school curriculum and elsewhere — can be seen as something akin to a story: it is a big and often unwieldy narrative that informs how we imagine our national identity and provides rules for how we should behave.

What binds American culture together, nonetheless, are shared narratives, collective memories that express the broader values of our nation. In questioning them or reflecting on them, American’s confront just who they are.

These narratives may seem as old-fashioned, as nostalgic to others from other countries.

Regardless of your heritage, you will still know the pain and joy that accompanies reading “The Cat in the Hat,” listening to “Pebbles, Volume One: World’s Greatest Oldies But Goodies” and dreaming about football in the future just like any young American does.

Through these common tales we can see the intricacies and complexities of our country. The identities we’ve built here, that define us just as much as who we come from elsewhere and has made us who we are today have a strong impact on how Americans see themselves and each other – be it any neighbor you have.

In America, you are your neighbor’s equal. Everyone has the same value if you judge them based on the content of their character.

American Society

Americans tend to immerse themselves in their daily activities, sometimes too many.

American adults are more likely to prioritize work and family issues over other countries peoples’ priorities. This can cause Americans to experience occupational fatigue, financial insecurity, and emotional insecurity issues, especially among families that suffer from poverty or job loss.

America is founded on the idea that we, “the people” have a story to tell and will determine our future fate together. That collective story––made up of specific societal narratives––could not be told without first establishing shared values and common ground.

Americans work really hard. According to a study, American employees work an average of 8 hours per day. This does not include commute, lunch or after-work commitments.

The typical American has different shapes and sizes of obligations on their plate: family and interpersonal relationships, house chores and tasks, pets, hobbies/interests, organization of personal finances (planning budget), planning for the future (savings), job responsibilities (work routines), etc. The amount of time that Americans have available in order to dedicate to work is so little that it’s necessary to optimize the efficiency of their time at work making accommodation for their personal life outside the office.

Some would argue Americans have an unhealthy work ethic. We are some of the most hardworking people in the world.

America not only leads in hours worked, but productivity and diligence.

Productivity means the quality or quantity of output. It’s obviously more than one can produce given their time. The U.S., contrary to popular belief, is actually not number one, but it’s right behind Singapore (37.1), meaning that it holds a lot of weight in productivity as seen here.

What does this mean for the future of America? (see below)

We should not associate American society as one that is motivated primarily by work in the future.

Americans will always want to be number one and feel compelled to do their best at all things they try, even if it means working nonstop and never taking a break.

In an ideal world, Americans can take advantage of these limitations and slow down in order to live in a more leisurely manner without feeling guilty or being overwhelmed.

Do they want to?


Will they?



Is America In Trouble?

America is not in trouble. This country was built on hard times and strong people. Whatever is in front of us, we can handle. America will not only be good, it will be great.

How would you describe the American Dream?

I would describe the American Dream as the equal chance of achieving your dreams. Every single American, no matter what background or upbringing, has a fair opportunity at achieving whatever their biggest dreams are.

Conclusion: The Future of America

In America there is always something new to discover, something worth celebrating and fighting for.

An unfamiliar word, culture or food might be feared normally but will be embraced as their own by Americans.

America has always been the land of opportunity. It is a country that has thrived with optimism and hard work.

It is not a perfect nation but it is a land that dreams come true for those who love their country and are willing to take risks.

The American Dream lives on in immigrants, even if they have to start from nothing; for those who live under its flag, no matter what their background.

Through the dark periods of history, America has shown its resilience and ability to change to be better than ever before.

America will continue to grow and prosper in the future because of the good people in it, who want what’s best for themselves and their families as well as those around them.

There are people who worry about America, but this is natural.

America is a country where people are always trying to do better. They have a positive, strong mentality.

We see this in their industries such as entrepreneurship, food and makeup, and anything else they put their minds to.

If you look at the best-selling books in the States, they all have a positive outlook on life even if they are sad or dark stories. The books have themes of being stronger, persevering and always being optimistic about the future.

I’m confident in the future of America, and you should be too.

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